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Management Team
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Management Team

                                        -----FDZJ's management team

Broad of directors  

Executive director、Chairman: Mr. Haibo Wang;
Executive director: Mr. Yong Su;
Executive director、Authorized Representative: Mr. Dajun Zhao;

Non-executive director: Mr. Bo Shen;
Non-executive director: Ms. Xiaoyang Yu;

Independent non-executive director: Mr. Zhonghui Zhou
Independent non-executive director: Mr. Lam Yiu Kin
Independent non-executive director: Mr. Qing Xu
Independent non-executive director: Mr. Chunbao Yang

Supervisory Committee   Supervisor representing Shareholders、Chairman:Mr. Xi Zhou;
Supervisor representing employees:Ms. Daiqing Yu;
Supervisor representing employees:Mr. Luochun Wang;
Independent supervisor:Mr. Jian Huang;
Independent supervisor:Mr. Xiaolong Liu

Management Team  
General ManagerMr. Haibo Wang

Deputy General Manager Mr. Yong Su

Deputy General Manager Mr. Dajun Zhao

Deputy General Manager Mr. Jun Li

Deputy General Manager Mr. Xiaoling Yang

Deputy General Manager Mr. YiMin Gan

The Company Secretary and Authorized Representative Ms. Yan Xue

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