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1、Synthesis methods of  3 (or 8) - (1-methoxyethyl) – 8 - (or 3) - (1-hydroxyethyl) - deuteroporphyrin IX (innovative)
2、The complex of photodynamic drugs for the treatment of tumor (innovative)
3、Deuteroporphyvin derivative, preparation methods and freeze-dried preparation for injection (innovative)4、  Parathyroid hormone derivative and its preparation method (innovative)
5、  Process for preparation of recombined lymphotoxin derivative (innovative)
6、  Preparation of semi-synthesized deuteroporphyrin derivative and its freeze-dried injection (innovative)
7、 The preparation and application of an extract with alpha-glucosidase Inhibitory activity from Chinese traditional medicine (innovative)
8、Use of hematoporphyin monomethyl ether in the treatment of ophthalmic diseases (innovative)
9、5-Aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride for topical use and the preparation methods (innovative)
10、 Methods for the purification of porphyrins drug (innovative)
11、 Receptor selecting lymphotoxin-a derivatives (innovative)
12、 A sort of speed improved diagnosis reagent for clinical examination (innovative)
13、An effective method to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment of condyloma acuminatum (innovative)
14、Gene microarray for human white cell antigenic complex typing (innovative)
15、 The application of new type of lymphotoxin in the improvement of the sensitivities of chemotherapy (innovative)
16、A soluble mutant of TNF receptor (innovative)
17、 The Method to separate hemoporfin isomers and the isomers (innovative)
18、Monoclonal anti-body of the antigen of HER2/ErbB2, the preparation and the drug complex (innovative)
19、 A taxol derivative and its drug complex (innovative)
20、 The liposome drug carrier of folic acid receptor targeting, the preparation and application (innovative)
21、 A soluble mutant of TNF receptor (innovative)
22、 The application of new type of lymphotoxin to improve the sensitivities of chemotherapy (innovative)
23、 The application of Deuteroporphyrin derivatives (innovative)
24、 A bracket for drug delivery on cervical part (innovative)
25、 The combination of 5-Aminolevulinic acid and its derivatives and the application (innovative)
26、 The light fiber casing for vaginal cervix (innovative)
27、 A bracket for drug delivery on cervical part (innovative)
28、 The application of 5-aminolevulinic acid in the preparation of drugs to treat HPV infection (innovative)
29、 Machine for photodynamic therapy(practical and novel)
30、 Gynecological light fiber casing(practical and novel)
31、 New device for drug administration on cervical part(practical and novel)

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