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R&D Platform for medical diagnostics products

Medical diagnosis, the fundamental basis of medical treatment, now has developed to the molecular diagnosis. Molecular diagnosis , by means of modern biological technique and methods (e.g. molecular hybridization, PCR, etc.), is the very important to detect the etiology of some complicated diseases. With the characteristics of sensitivity, accurate and short time, the molecular diagnostics expect strong and attractive market prospects. FDZJ develops molecular diagnostics as the important one of R&D platform and mainly concentrates on the gene chips. The products as follows:

1. Gene Chips
Achieved a great breakthroughs in the manufacturing of the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genetic chips and a patent. The HLA gene chips is applied for HLA genotyping before organ, tissue and stem cell transplantation, medical diagnosis and analyzing the relationship between HLA and diseases, the individual identification and parentage identification in forensic science, etc.

2. Diagnostic Reagents
The diagnostic reagents manufactured by FDZJ include a wide range of applications, such as diagnosis of heart disease, kidney disease, metabolism disease, diabetes, vascular disease (such as hyperlipidemia) and liver-related diseases, etc.

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