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The success of obtaining drug approval of Hemoporfin (FuMeiDa) as a class 1 new drug   2016-10-20 14:00

Hemoporfin (Brand name: FuMeiDa), as a new photodynamic drug with new target, new compound and new indication, was independently developed by Shanghai Fudan-Zhangjiang Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It belongs to Chemical Drugs Class 1.1. The company commenced research and development of the project since 2000, obtained clinical trial approval in 2005 and obtained new drug certificate in 2012. In October 2016, the Company has obtained drug approval issued by China Food and Drug Administration for Hemoporfin for injection, which number is Guo Yao Zhun Zi H20163349.

Hemoporfin is used on treatment of Port Wine Stain worldwide, its chemical entities and indications are both international initiative. After 16 years of research and development, Hemoporfin became the first drug for the treatment of Port Wine Stain worldwide.

Hemoporfin can be described as porphyrin compounds with simple composition and clear structure; photodynamic technology has remarkable effects on treatment of port wine stain, which mechanism is also clear; Hemoporfin metabolizes rapidly, time for prevent exposure to light is short and the adverse reactions are mild, while safe, effective and quality can be controlled, in general, it is an ideally new drug on treatment of Port Wine Stain.


The year, that is November in 2016, marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Fudan-Zhangjiang. The drug approval of Hemoporfin comes as a fruitful result of company’s values, which is “The more we explore, the healthier the people will be”, also as a new starting point to further development of company.

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